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We believe everyone should have access to cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenating treatments, so we are proud to provide discounts on some of our most popular procedures. Check back often to see the latest offers, or contact our medical team for the current prices on the technique you’re interested in most.

  • 15% Off KYBELLA®

    Break down fat cells without the burden of surgery. KYBELLA® is a state-of-the-art treatment that can reduce the appearance of a double chin through careful, targeted injections. For a limited time, you can enjoy a more defined and contoured facial profile at special rate of 15% off the original price. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

  • 15% Off Restylane® Lyft

    Your hands need as much love and care as your face, and Restylane Lyft can provide rejuvenation to both areas with instant, natural-looking results. Restore youthful volume to the cheeks, midface, and backs of the hands without delay for a wonderfully discounted rate. Try Lyft for 15% off the full price—but hurry, it’s only for a limited time!

  • 10% Off Aerolase®

    Say so long to imperfect skin and treat multiple concerns with Aerolase®, one of the leading technologies in laser skin health available. This state-of-the-art treatment can be effective for skin tightening, laser hair removal, or scar reduction, giving patients ample opportunity to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin at a fraction of the cost!

  • 10% Off Xeomin

    Smooth creases, soften fine lines, and halt further wrinkle development with the aid of Xeomin. This popular neuromodulator works similarly to BOTOX® Cosmetic to stop excessive muscle movement in the targeted area while keeping facial expressions fluid and natural. This summer special won’t last forever, so take advantage while you can.


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