Skin Tightening and Body Contouring Treatments

Non-surgical treatments can provide great results for people who prefer minimally invasive techniques or for whom surgery is not the right approach. At our practice, Dr. Neal Goldberg offers a number of noninvasive skin tightening and body contouring methods that can help trim away unwanted fatty tissue and rejuvenate intimate areas. In many cases, these procedures may provide noticeable enhancement in the area of concern without having to experience the downtime associated with surgical operations. At your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will be happy to discuss these options with you so that you have the opportunity to select the ideal treatment for your needs, goals, and personal preferences.

Follow the links below to learn more about our body contouring and skin tightening options, or give our office a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg.


Designed specifically to break down submental fat located underneath the chin, KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment that can correct a “double chin.” A series of targeted injections causes fat cells in the area to collapse and be removed by the body through metabolic processes, giving patients a more toned and defined profile.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

We offer several vaginal rejuvenation treatments that can offer cosmetic and functional improvements, including addressing incontinence, vaginal dryness, and skin laxity in this intimate area. Live your most confident and comfortable life with the help of these non-surgical techniques.

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