Breast Augmentation with Lift (Mastopexy with Implants)

/ /Breast Augmentation with Lift (Mastopexy with Implants)

breast augmentation liftGravity, pregnancy, and genetic predisposition can cause breast tissue to lose volume and sag lower on the chest over time. For those wishing to enhance the appearance of their breasts, mastopexy with implants – also referred to as breast augmentation with a lift – can improve the shape, position, and size of the breasts. If you’re interested in larger, shapelier breasts that have a more youthful perk and appearance, Dr. Neal Goldberg, our board-certified plastic surgeon, can help. Breast augmentation with a lift can:

  • Enhance the shape, size, and appearance of drooping breasts
  • Relocate and resize nipples
  • Restore breast firmness

Is Breast Lift With Implants Right for Me?

before after 3692 View Gallery Breast lift surgery with implants can help you restore the firmness and elevation associated with youthful breasts, as well as give you fuller, larger breasts. This procedure is designed to address the same concerns as mastopexy, but the technique also offers an additional benefit: increased breast volume. During your initial consultation, Dr. Goldberg will examine your areas of concern and discuss your desired outcome. He will then develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs and goals that can help optimize your results.

What Kind of Breast Implants Should I Choose?

There are many types of breast implants available, including silicone and saline, round and shaped, textured and smooth. Depending on your anatomic needs and expressed goals, Dr. Goldberg will recommend the implant model that best suits your treatment plan. For instance, women with ample breast tissue may not benefit as much from silicone implants as individuals with thinner tissues. This is because the ample breast tissue makes the less natural profile of silicone implants less of a factor. Women with thinner skin or less breast tissue may prefer silicone, though they should keep in mind that this option can be more expensive and typically requires a larger incision.

Both saline and silicone implants are available in both anatomically shaped and round versions. A round implant is ideal for someone who is happy with the shape of her breasts but is looking for more volume. Round implants also will be a better choice for women who prioritize fullness on the top of the breasts. Anatomically shaped implants can preserve a more mature breast shape, and they may even make a breast lift unnecessary in borderline cases.

Ultimately, the decision of which breast implant to use will be up to you, and Dr. Goldberg will provide extensive information about the benefits of each implant to help guide your selection.

What Can I Expect From the Procedure?

The procedure typically takes between one and three hours to perform, and either sedation or general anesthesia will be used. Due to the removal of excess skin, the incisions for breast lift surgery with implants will be longer than you would find for breast augmentation alone, but Dr. Goldberg will take great care to minimize scarring as much as possible. In addition, we offer numerous advanced scar reduction techniques to help you achieve an optimal outcome. Dr. Goldberg may create an incision halfway or all the way around the nipple, an incision from the nipple vertically down to the breast crease, and/or an incision horizontally along the breast crease. Placing the implant will generally not require additional incisions beyond what is necessary for the lift. Dr. Goldberg will let you know during the initial consultation which approach may be able to help maximize your results.

What Will My Life Be Like After Breast Augmentation With A Lift?

You will likely be able to return home the same day as the breast lift with implant procedure. You should rest at home for about two weeks, after which you may be able to return to work and normal activities, depending on your level of comfort. During this healing period, you will wear a special bra that can help speed the recovery process. Some swelling, bruising, changing nipple sensation, and minor discomfort is normal. Dr. Goldberg will prescribe medication to manage any pain. You should begin to see the final results of the operation in a couple months, though some mild swelling may continue for up to a year or more. In most instances, scars will slowly lighten in color, fade, and become smoother over time.

Dr. Goldberg emphasizes your comfort and care during every interaction. If you have additional questions about breast augmentation with a lift, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg, please contact our office today.

*Individual Results May Vary

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