Designed to restore both form and function to areas of the face and body affected by traumatic injury, congenital deformity, disease, or other debilitating concerns, reconstructive surgery can offer relief from the physical and emotional discomfort that these conditions may cause. Dr. Neal Goldberg, our experienced reconstructive and plastic surgeon, understands that in addition to training and skill, successful healing often requires compassion, empathy, and personal attention. Furthermore, he prioritizes safety and results, utilizing the most advanced minimally invasive techniques available to help reduce the risk of complications, speed healing, and provide the best outcome possible. Dr. Goldberg offers a broad range of reconstruction options for the face, breasts, body, and skin, and he will customize a treatment plan tailored to your unique anatomic needs, cosmetic goals, and lifestyle preferences during your initial consultation.

For more information about our reconstructive procedure, please follow the links below, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg, please contact our office today. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Facial Fractures

If you’ve suffered facial trauma and broken bones, Dr. Goldberg can help repair the structures and achieve an aesthetically appealing outcome. Not all facial fractures require surgery, particularly those affecting the nose. If appearance is affected, however, treatment can give a patient greater confidence after experiencing an injury.

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Nasal Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery on the nose is typically performed to enhance breathing and/or to improve the appearance of this area. With techniques that draw upon the rhinoplasty procedure, factors like a deviated septum, broken bones, and natural asymmetries are all common reasons for nasal reconstruction.

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Scar Revision

Scars can develop for many reasons, including injury, surgery, and disease. If you have a scar that has not healed well or that has a conspicuous appearance, scar revision can help minimize the size and visibility of this mark.

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Mohs Reconstruction And Skin Cancer Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is one of the best treatments for skin cancer available, as it is designed to remove only the affected tissue. Still, many patients experience significant cosmetic changes in the treated area. Reconstructive surgery can help replace the missing tissue and restore one’s appearance with as natural-looking results as possible.

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Microsurgery Of The Breast And Hand

Using a microscope to enhance magnification, microsurgery is designed for certain procedures in hand and breast surgery. By utilizing these advanced techniques, Dr. Goldberg can connect blood vessels between transplanted tissues (grafts), achieving a higher likelihood of restoring function and shape.

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General Reconstruction

Birth defects, injuries, disease, and other conditions can require reconstructive surgery to effectively address. While plastic surgery is more specifically intended to improve the cosmetic result, reconstructive surgery serves to enhance both the aesthetics and the function of the affected area.

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Endoscopic Technique

Using a camera and a few small incisions, endoscopic surgery often provides shorter recovery times, reduced risk of complications, and less scarring than traditional open surgery. Many procedures can be performed using this technique, and Dr. Goldberg is extensively trained in its use.

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Wound Care

Larger wounds, burns, and breast reconstruction can require larger tissue and skin grafts to treat. This type of wound care is available from our state-of-the-art practice, including tissue expansion, various types of skin grafts, and microsurgery.

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