Med-Spa Services: Non-Surgical Treatments

In addition to our comprehensive selection of surgical procedures, we offer a broad range of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, such as facials, peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and much more. These services are overseen and performed by licensed aesthetician Eunjee Hong, who brings years of experience caring for clients in the New York area. Non-surgical treatments can reduce signs of aging, create more facial harmony, improve the appearance of wrinkles and other skin conditions, and generally rejuvenate your features — all without surgery or an extensive recovery process. If one or more of these services interests you, they can be scheduled and performed at our comfortable and fully equipped med spa facility.

Meet Our Aesthetician: Eunjee Hong

Eunjee Hong is the founder of piBuSkin, which was launched in 2017 to bring her unique approach to skincare and facial rejuvenation to clients in New York and Westchester. At Dr. Goldberg’s office, Eunjee offers facials and advanced treatments, working with you to meet your personal needs and goals for your skin. She knows great skin deserves and requires great care.

Before every treatment, Eunjee takes the time for an in-depth consultation and analysis to determine how best to meet your skin goals. Eunjee is highly experienced in working with clients seeking guidance for plastic surgery aftercare, as well as teenagers and 20-somethings looking for education and training to maintain the benefits of a deep cleansing treatment. Eunjee helps all her clients feel better about themselves.

piBuSkin references Eunjee’s Korean heritage. She is a graduate of Smith College and Teachers College at Columbia University. She was fully trained and certified through the New York School of Esthetics, completing the program in 2017. Eunjee has since gone on to complete various trainings in advanced treatments including dermaplaning, microchanneling, chemical peels, and the manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Non-Surgical Med Spa Treatments

Facials and skin rejuvenating treatments are a great way to supplement facial plastic surgery and to maintain a healthy, youthful-looking appearance. Our expansive collection of revitalizing options includes skin smoothing methods designed to beautify the skin from the inside out. These minimally invasive enhancements are versatile and can be performed independently or in combination with other non-surgical or surgical modalities. Dr. Neal Goldberg and Eunjee Hong, our licensed aesthetician, can provide guidance about which procedures can optimize your results based on your needs, goals, and treatment plan.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage is a manual technique performed to help alleviate pain and swelling caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluid. This therapeutic treatment can be very helpful for patients who experience normal post-operative swelling or discomfort following a medical procedure, or those affected by conditions like insufficient blood flow or lymphedema. When lymphatic fluid accumulates, you may feel pain and inflammation in the extremities and other regions of the body. By gently massaging the area with rhythmic pressure, whispery soft finger strokes, and ultra-light drumming, lymphatic drainage can ease in pain and swelling, as well as:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Enhance recovery after an injury, illness, or procedure
  • Boost your immune system
  • Encourage the draining of lymphatic fluid
  • Rejuvenate the skin

With a special focus on massaging the sinus, neck, and décolleté, the benefits of treatment have a powerful effect on the entire body. After a lymphatic drainage massage, you may feel extremely relaxed and calm — even dreamy. There are no oils used during the massage and treatment does not have a stimulating effect. We recommend staying well-hydrated after your appointment.

Cost: $100 (face); $135 (body)


Facials can be a simple yet powerful treatment to revitalize and energize the skin. Every face has its own unique properties and characteristics — we select the most optimal products and combinations based on your individual needs to maximize the benefits of treatment. Our 10-step facial system starts with makeup removal, and follows with the application of separate oil- and water-based cleansers. Then, we proceed with a thorough skin analysis, exfoliation, a gentle steam treatment, masking, toning, extraction, an arm and hand massage, moisturizing, and finally, a UV screen. Our pricing for facials is listed below:

  • Basic Facial:​​​ $115
  • Specialty Facial: $120
  • With Any Peel: $130
  • With High Frequency: $130
  • With Theraface Red (+infra): $130
  • With Microdermabrasion: $135
  • With Theraface Microcurrent: $135​
  • With Dermaplaning​: $140​
  • With Lymphatic Drainage (f): ​$155
  • With Lymphatic Drainage (b): $205
  • With ProCell Therapy: $225

A facial can also be combined with complementary treatments, including:

TheraFace Pro

  • LED: Red Light Setting — Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. ($130)
  • LED: Red + Infrared Light — Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes and warming temporarily reduces pain. ($130)
  • Microcurrent: Firms and tightens skin. Improves muscle tone in face/neck. Gentle stimulation helps firm and plump for a youthful glow. ($140)


Peels are customized for all skin types and leave your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Treatment helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and can smooth rough skin to improve tone, texture, and suppleness. Peels can also aid in clearing acne and help fade hyperpigmentation. Whether used alone or in combination with a facial or another rejuvenation service, our peels are carefully selected to minimize irritation and healing time after treatment.

  • Alpha Hydroxy (35%)​​: $40​
  • Trichloroacetic (10%): $40
  • ​Sensi Peel: $40
  • ​Retinol (4%): $45


High-frequency therapy can help shrink pores, reduce dark circles under the eyes, and improve puffy eyelids using a non-invasive, gentle electrical current. This rejuvenation can also assist in managing acne, as well as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Cost: $40


Microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment that can revitalize the overall tone and texture of the skin. This is achieved by using a diamond tip to gently exfoliate and remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities from the outer layer of the skin. As a result, patients can enjoy a smoother, softer, and more radiant complexion.

Cost: $50


Dermaplaning is a painless technique that removes the dull, dead skin cells from the most superficial layer of the skin to reveal a smoother, softer skin tone and a more uniform skin texture. Unlike simple exfoliation, dermaplaning also removes the “peach fuzz,” or fine “vellus” hair, for unmatched suppleness and easier makeup application.

Cost: $100