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malechestIf you are a male with enlarged breasts, or if you know someone with this disorder, then you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing the condition can be. Though the cause is unknown, experts suspect that gynecomastia, or the development of male breasts, is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Conditions that contribute to this imbalance include impaired liver function, testosterone deficiency, the use of estrogen-containing medications or anabolic steroids, and some lifestyle factors.

Gynecomastia can affect men as well as boys. For some, male breast reduction surgery, or ‘gynecomastia correction,’ is a solution for enlarged breasts. During this treatment excess breast tissue is removed using liposuction and surgical excision.

Who Should Consider Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

before after 3695 View Gallery Boys and men who struggle with the development of breast tissue may present as candidates for this surgery. The breast itself comprises both fat and glandular tissue, and may be tender.

It is also important that the individual be a non-smoker (for at least two weeks prior to surgery), of stable weight and in good health.

Having plastic surgery isn’t a copout or a sign that someone is vain. It’s about getting your mojo back and feeling good about how you look.
– Dr. Goldberg

How is the Breast Tissue Reduced?

In order to assess your condition thoroughly, Dr. Goldberg will likely recommend that you receive a medical examination prior to surgery, including an MRI or mammogram.

The procedure itself takes approximately two hours, and is conducted under general anesthesia for large tissue removal; local for minor removal. 

If the MRI or mammogram shows that the breast is composed mainly of glandular tissue, Dr. Goldberg will probably select surgical excision to conduct your breast reduction. During surgery he will make an incision under the arm or at the areola. The glandular tissue and fat will then be removed with a scalpel.

If testing reveals that the breast is composed of both fat and glandular tissue, a combined approach may be necessary. In liposuction, the plastic surgeon inserts a cannula, or thin tube, into the incision to dislodge the fat deposits. The fat is then removed by way of a vacuum device. Sometimes only liposuction is needed, in which case, a small incision is made under the arm or at the areola.

Your Recovery from Male Breast Reduction

You may be able return to work as quickly as one week following breast reduction surgery. Exercise should be avoided, however, for approximately three weeks. Once you have recovered, it is important to remember that regular exercise, and a healthy diet are necessary to ensure lasting results.

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