If you experience problems with self-confidence stemming from the way your nose looks, you can choose to correct it. In fact, there were more than 352,000 rhinoplasty procedures performed in the U.S. in 2020 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr. Neal Goldberg is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who achieves elegant, natural-looking results with rhinoplasty. He can help balance the proportions of your nose with the rest of your surrounding facial features. While surgery may also be performed to correct breathing problems, rhinoplasty is most frequently pursued to correct aesthetic issues in which patients perceive their nose is: too large, small, bumpy, droopy, crooked, wide, narrow, short, or long.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a nose recontouring procedure designed to improve the proportions of the nose in relation to the rest of the face. This surgery can also correct a deviated septum and address other breathing difficulties caused by obstructed airflow. Rhinoplasty alters the underlying framework of the nose through inconspicuous, undetectable incisions, therefore providing patients with results that can last a lifetime. Depending on the goals you would like to achieve with rhinoplasty, the procedure addresses the bone, cartilage, skin, and soft tissue of the nose. Due to the nose’s central positioning on the face, even small adjustments made during rhinoplasty — such as adjusting the angle of the nasal tip or straightening a bump — can enhance your entire appearance by making the face appear more balanced and symmetrical.

What Can Rhinoplasty Achieve?

For many different reasons, you may be unhappy with your nose and how it fits on your face. If you’d like to improve your facial proportions by enhancing the shape/size of the nose, you can turn to Dr. Neal Goldberg to achieve a more harmonious facial balance. Nose surgery can help:

  • Create a more ideal nose for you
  • Correct nasal deformities like bumps or droops
  • Improve breathing problems

Both functional and cosmetic enhancements can be made during the same rhinoplasty procedure if necessary. Although every patient will receive different results based on their unique concerns, examples of the outcomes achieved by Dr. Goldberg can be found in our extensive gallery of rhinoplasty before-and-after photos.

Is Rhinoplasty Right For Me?

Nose surgery can be transformative for patients who have insecurities related to their nose shape, who have issues with breathing due to a deviated septum, or who simply want their nose to be more symmetrical. Good candidates for the procedure include:

  • Healthy patients who do not have any unmanaged health conditions
  • Those who have completed full facial growth
  • Individuals willing to stop smoking before and after surgery
  • Patients who have a positive mindset and realistic expectations for the results

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty is a personal choice, and should never be considered to fulfill someone else’s wishes of what your nose should look like. Dr. Goldberg will speak with you during your consultation to gain an idea of your concerns and what aspects of your nose you wish to improve. He will then help you confirm whether rhinoplasty or another treatment option, such as non-surgical dermal fillers or chin implants, can help you best achieve your desired look. In certain cases, a custom-made chin implant can help offset a large nose and bring more aesthetic balance to your facial appearance.

Open Rhinoplasty VS. Closed Rhinoplasty

Once it’s determined that rhinoplasty is the optimal procedure to achieve your goals, Dr. Goldberg will perform surgery through either an open or closed incision. The most beneficial technique for you will depend on your anatomical indicators and the nature of the planned enhancements. In either case, both open and closed rhinoplasty can attain results that look natural, beautiful, and harmonious among your surrounding facial features.

Open rhinoplasty is performed through an incision made at the base of the columella, where the undersurface of the nose meets the upper lip. This allows scarring to blend into the nose’s natural contours and remain virtually undetectable to others. With the open technique, visibility of the internal nasal framework is maximized and a greater range of adjustments can be made to the skin, bone, and cartilage.

Closed rhinoplasty uses an internal incision to recontour the nose, resulting in no visible scarring once incisions are fully healed. While offering the benefit of no external scars after the procedure, only a limited number of enhancements can be completed through the closed technique.

How Is The Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

Rhinoplasty is typically performed under a local anesthetic with an intravenous sedation and takes one to three hours to complete. The procedure can either be “closed,” meaning all the incisions are made inside the nose, or “open,” meaning an incision is made under the nasal tip, between the nostrils, lifting the skin to gain a clear view of the nasal structure. Most patients benefit from a closed procedure.

Once Dr. Goldberg has made the incision, bone and cartilage are reshaped to bring the nose into balance. The bone and cartilage may be reduced, augmented/refined or may require harvesting or grafting. After completion, absorbable sutures are placed in the nose and nasal packing is used to control bleeding. In some cases, a special splint may be used.

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“I take a huge amount of pride in what I do. I really care about my patients and their satisfaction.”
- Dr. Goldberg

What Can I Expect From The Rhinoplasty Recovery Period?

Following the procedure, you should anticipate healing to last one to two weeks, at which point you may return to a normal routine. Swelling may take some time to subside and pain medication may be prescribed for the first week. After one week, nasal packing may be removed. You should avoid most sports and activities with a potential for nose impact for six weeks. Most patients will appreciate the effects of the rhinoplasty three to six months after the procedure, but some may need more time adjusting to their new appearance.Like with other surgeries, some complications are possible and may include unsatisfying results such as nasal obstruction, bleeding and sinus infection.

In some cases, alternatives to rhinoplasty may achieve a similar result. These may include dermal fillers to contour the nose or chin augmentation to balance a prominent nose.

“Dr. Goldberg has EXCEEDED my expectations. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Goldberg and his staff. I scheduled my operation the same day that I had my very first appointment with him. I am exactly at 1 month post-op, and I already love my rhinoplasty. I can’t express enough, just how happy I am with my results/his work. Dr. Goldberg is so talented, definitely an artist, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”
- A L

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Every procedure is customized to suit the singular needs and goals of the patient. As a result, cost will vary from person to person. Dr. Goldberg takes great care to determine the optimal approach for your treatment, taking into consideration your aesthetic preferences and anatomic indicators. In addition to the technique used, other factors will affect the final price, including surgeon’s fee, hospital facility fee, and anesthesiology fee. Dr. Goldberg will discuss each of these costs with your during your initial consultation. We understand that it’s commonplace to compare plastic surgery quotes. It’s important to ask each physician you speak with what’s included in their estimate. Many surgeons will provide only their fee; we believe knowing the full cost of treatment will help you make the best decision for your needs.

In general, rhinoplasty can cost averages $11,000 but can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, whether it’s a revision rhinoplasty, and other considerations. In the event that structural issues, such as a deviated septum, are causing a medical concern, your medical insurance may cover a portion of the surgery. In most cases, however, this is considered an elective procedure and will not be covered. If you would prefer to pay for your nose surgery in monthly installments, we offer a wide range of plastic surgery financing options with appealing terms to help bring the cost of this treatment into your budget.

Dr. Goldberg treats patients from Scarsdale, Yonkers and many other communities in Westchester, Bergen, and lower Fairfield County. For more information about rhinoplasty, call our office for a consultation at 866-481-5585.

*Individual Results May Vary