Why Criticizing People Who Have “Had Work Done” Is Outdated

It can be a little surprising at first to see a celebrity or a friend debut a rejuvenated look, a fuller pout, or a more symmetrical nose. Nowadays, however, the follow-up reaction is usually positive interest. When plastic surgery was in its infancy, there was some stigma to having a procedure done, regardless of whether it was a facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, or another treatment. Fortunately, reveals our board certified plastic surgeon Neal Goldberg, MD, cosmetic surgery is becoming so common—like dyeing your hair—that it’s no longer seen as “scandalous.”

There are many reasons why criticizing plastic surgery has become outdated. For one thing, it’s simply bad manners. But just as importantly, the quality of results has improved, trends have changed, and now millions of people have surgical and non-surgical aesthetic enhancements each year. The rise in popularity means that nearly everyone knows someone who has had a cosmetic procedure. And this familiarity can help to dispel any unfounded negative reactions to having “work done.”

If you’re considering plastic surgery and you’re worried about what others might think, there’s probably little need for apprehension. Millions of other men and women have made the same decision as you—to enhance their appearance and their quality of life. Having plastic surgery is no more a shallow decision than using makeup or styling your hair. The choice is a personal one, and you should do it for your reasons alone.