What to Expect From Breast Augmentation Surgery

In our last blog post we discussed the breast augmentation consultation process. For this post we will discuss the typical surgical experience. Our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Neal Goldberg, details the series of events that will commonly occur on the operating day, including the lead up to and immediate recovery usually involved in the breast enhancement procedure:

Typically there are only a few instructions for patients to follow prior to showing up to the breast augmentation surgery day, including avoiding inflammatory medications for two weeks and not eating or drinking 24 hours before the operation. Once the woman arrives, either to my in-office surgical site or the hospital, she will meet with the nurse who will take her medical history, record her vital signs, remove any piercings or metal from her body, and ensure she is properly prepared. After the nurse, she will meet with the anesthesiologist and then me. I will privately mark her incision lines and surgical reference points, after which I will bring her into the operating room to be fitted with monitors and an IV. In most cases, sedation will be the chosen method; however, in some cases general anesthesia may be used.

At the conclusion of the procedure, the nurse will remain with the patient as she regains consciousness. Any pain will be well managed with medication, and I will check in periodically to help ensure that recovery is progressing smoothly. I am always available on site throughout this process. Once the woman can eat a bit of food, use the bathroom, and walk around, she typically will be free to return home with a driver. That evening, I will call her and discuss her experience and establish that she feels comfortable. She will be wearing special dressings, which she should leave on, keeping them clean and dry, for the first three days until the first follow-up visit.

Please check back next week for our post on the breast augmentation recovery experience. For more information about the breast augmentation surgical process, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg, please contact us today.