What to Expect From the Breast Augmentation Consultation

The consultations that occur prior to undergoing breast augmentation can be essential parts of the enhancement process. During these meetings, you will receive an abundance of information and have an excellent opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals, ask any questions, and have the doctor address any concerns you may have. Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Neal Goldberg, explains in detail this important experience:

When a patient arrives, she will meet with me for an initial interview. I will take her medical history and speak with her about her cosmetic goals. It’s important for me to understand what she finds dissatisfying about her current shape and size and where she would like to be after the operation. From there, I will perform an examination and let her know if she is a good candidate for the surgery. One of the most important aspects we will discuss during the initial consultation is the type of breast implant she would prefer. I offer every type of implant available, including saline, silicone, shaped, round, textured, and smooth models. While I may recommend a certain style, ultimately the decision is up to the individual.

I generally recommend a second consultation before scheduling the breast augmentation surgery. In the second meeting we typically determine the desired size implant, discuss incision location, and consider the amount of cleavage versus projection that would be appropriate for the patient’s desired outcome. I also talk about implant placement. In most cases, I perform a sub-muscular placement; however, in rare instances an above-the-muscle placement may better address the woman’s needs.

While breast augmentation tends to be one of the most straightforward cosmetic procedures available, there are many factors to take into account prior to the operation, which allow for a highly customized result optimized to suit the patient’s unique anatomical requirements. During the consultations, I strive to provide the most informative and thorough experience possible.

If you have additional questions about the breast augmentation process, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg, please contact our office today.