Tummy tuck surgery: How real plastic surgery can help real people

Television shows and magazines have always highlighted the most glamorous and shocking elements of plastic surgery. But I would like to share how real plastic surgery can help real people too.

I treat a lot of women who have developed permanent weakness and distortion of their abdomens after pregnancy. Most of these women are not chasing vanity or looking for a short cut for weight loss. These are women who simply cannot recover their pre-pregnancy abdominal shape and support because of a separation of their abdominal muscles. The condition is called a diastasis, and it is very common.

A “tummy tuck” can certainly achieve dramatic cosmetic improvement for many patients, but for many of the patients with significant diastases, the improvement is truly functional as well. Patients report feeling more support and strength in their abdomens, and have noticeably less bulging and bloating after the procedure.