Do Breast Implants Interfere with Mammograms?


Breast health is an important and serious concern for women. To help preserve their well-being, women should receive regular mammograms after the age of 50, or earlier if there’s a family history of breast cancer. To be effective, mammograms need to be able to provide a clear view of all breast tissue. The question for many women is whether breast implants can obscure mammograms and make this test less accurate. Dr. Neal Goldberg, our extensively trained plastic surgeon, explains how mammograms can be performed correctly with implants under the right conditions.

When scheduling a mammogram, ask the patient coordinator if the facility is equipped to provide mammograms for women with breast implants. You should also inform them that you have had breast augmentation and request a technician with experience performing mammograms on breasts with implants. When you arrive for your appointment, confirm that the radiologist or doctor is aware that you have implants and is prepared for this contingency.

In addition to the routine series of images taken, the technician will capture several more images at various angles. This is done in an effort to ensure that all breast tissue can be effectively analyzed. In some cases, the technician or your doctor may request that you receive an MRI as well to make sure no breast tissue is left unevaluated. This can be convenient if you have silicone implants, as it’s often recommended to undergo regular MRIs to review the stability of the implants.

Dr. Goldberg considers your health and safety paramount, and our medical team is available to provide additional information about mammograms with breast implants if needed.