How Can I Remove Loose Skin on My Arms?

The upper arms can be very difficult to tone and slenderize. Excess or loose skin in this area, sometimes called “batwings,” is often resistant to diet and exercise, leaving some patients with few options. Fortunately, our plastic surgeon offers a number of surgical and non-surgical methods to address this common concern.

Arm lift surgery has been the standard approach to correct loose upper arm skin for some time. This procedure, called brachioplasty, involves creating an incision along the upper arm (the length is determined by your individual needs), trimming the excess skin, and using liposuction to remove unwanted fat.

Non-surgical techniques are also now available. Dr. Goldberg recommends truSculpt™ 3D and VelaShape® to help minimize skin inelasticity on the upper arms; however, these methods are ideal for mild to moderate concerns. During an initial consultation, you and he can discuss which approach can give you the optimal outcome based on your anatomy, goals, and personal preferences.

If the appearance of your upper arms makes you feel self-conscious, you have a number of options to help firm and tighten this area. Talk to us today to learn more.