What’s in a Quote? Understanding Plastic Surgery Costs

Understanding the costs that go into plastic surgery can help you go through the experience with greater confidence and allow you to plan for all contingencies effectively. At the end of your consultation with Dr. Neal Goldberg, which includes an evaluation and discussion of your goals, you will receive an estimate for the total cost of your procedure. At our practice, it is our habit to provide the full cost. Other places may only provide the surgeon’s fee. We recommend asking what a quote includes when you receive one from another practice.

The surgeon’s fee is just one fee that is included in the total cost of treatment. This is the price for your plastic surgeon’s services. Other people and facilities also provide services, which is why they also have fees. If your procedure involves anesthesia, there will be a fee paid to the anesthesiologist. If your procedure is performed in a surgical suite, there will be a hospital fee. These three main expenses make up the total cost of your procedure, but you should also be aware that some external costs may also be involved. You may have co-pays for any medication prescribed for your recovery. You may have travel expenses if you are coming from out of town or out of state. By considering all these factors, you will be in a good position to be prepared financially for your plastic surgery, helping to alleviate any stress that could come from that area.

If you would like to consider financing options for your treatment, we work with reputable lenders that may be able to help. Talk to us about your payment options by phone or during your consultation for more information.