How Do Breasts Change With Age?

It’s well-known that women experience a variety of physical transformations as they undergo different life stages. Breast-related changes, in particular, are often caused by fluctuating hormone levels during adulthood, as well as burgeoning menopause. As natural production of estrogen in the body wanes, women may notice changes in the look and feel of their breasts, including:

While aging is inevitable, cosmetic solutions like breast lift surgery or a breast augmentation offer effective, modern-day techniques that can restore a more youthful and rejuvenated breast shape. Dr. Neal Goldberg, our Westchester-based board-certified plastic surgeon, reminds individuals that certain breast developments can also arise that are less cosmetic and more medical in nature, such as the growth of lumps, fibroids, and cysts. Aging can increase the risk of potentially dangerous growths in the breasts, highlighting the importance of regular wellness screenings and self-exams as you get older.

Changes in the breast tissue are a natural part of aging, but there are many ways to reverse unwelcome developments and restore your ideal breast shape/size. Dr. Goldberg can discuss your concerns with you during a consultation, and help you create a treatment plan customized to achieve your goals. Please reach out to our practice online by calling (914) 840-5999 to make an appointment.