How Does a Butt Lift Compare with Buttock Implants?

Each curve of the body helps make the whole, and having a proportional backside improves the appearance of the entire figure. As a result, buttock augmentation with implants and Brazilian butt lift have been growing in popularity across the nation. These two procedures offer different benefits to different people, and our experienced plastic surgeon can determine which approach can help you achieve your desired result.

The primary difference between buttock augmentation and Brazilian butt lift is the material used to enhance the shape and size of the derriere. In augmentation, implants are placed into the buttocks to modify the appearance and contour of this area. With Brazilian butt lift, however, your own natural fatty tissue is used to add volume and improve the shape of the buttocks. Since Brazilian butt lift requires fatty tissue, this procedure includes liposuction which is used to harvest the fat and is then utilized to enhance the figure around the buttocks. You can select the body region you want to target for liposuction, and many patients opt to reduce stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, hips, and thighs.

The right technique for you will depend on many factors, but many people prefer the Brazilian butt lift as it does not require a foreign object to be placed in the body. It’s also popular because of the ability to further enhance body contour through liposuction. Dr. Neal Goldberg will be happy to discuss all your options during your initial consultation.