Is Breast Asymmetry Common?

If you have one breast that is larger, fuller, or shaped differently than the other, you’re not alone. Between 50 and 80 percent of all women have some differences between their two breasts, a condition called asymmetry. The truth is, your body is not a mirror image from the right to the left, and most areas of the face and body will reveal some diversity on one side compared with the other. Usually this is nothing to be concerned about; however, if it makes you uncomfortable, breast surgery options are available to address the issue.

If one breast is significantly larger than the other, you may wish to place a breast implant on one or both sides to help even out the sizes. Breast augmentation is tailored to suit your needs, and that can include utilizing breast implants of differing volumes to achieve the desired outcome.

If you would prefer a more natural approach to breast symmetry, fat grafting may be able to modify the size difference. Liposuction is necessary to harvest the fat, which can be an added benefit for women who have some “trouble areas” they would like to contour.

Breast reduction is another potential option, either for a single breast or for both, with additional tissue removed from one side to achieve greater balance.

The right technique for you will depend on many factors. It’s important to note that achieving perfect symmetry may not be possible for all patients. That said, most people, women and men alike, have asymmetries and it is part of being human. These characteristics help make each of us unique and beautiful in our own ways.