Is Tummy Tuck Revision Worth It?

Designed to reduce excess skin and tighten muscles, tummy tuck surgery is a popular procedure with moms and individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight. In some cases, unfortunately, a person may be dissatisfied with the outcome of his or her procedure performed by another surgeon for a number of reasons, including leftover fat and/or skin, improperly tightened muscles, an excessively visible incision line, or an unsightly belly button. Dr. Neal Goldberg, our experienced plastic surgeon, offers revision abdominoplasty to help correct these conditions, as he believes cosmetic surgery should make men and women feel more beautiful and confident, not disappointed.

Before determining whether or not revision tummy tuck surgery will be necessary, it’s important for the patient to wait until the healing process has completed, which means waiting at least six months from the date of the original operation. Dr. Goldberg will then examine the areas of concern and recommend the techniques that can offer the best possible result, which may include liposuction to the stomach, flanks, and super-pubic area. In some cases, there may not be enough skin laxity to perform a full standard abdominoplasty, in which case he may need to perform an umbilical float, also called a floating tummy tuck, or create a small vertical scar from the belly button to the lengthwise incision to address mild skin laxity and pockets of fat.

Revisional surgery typically will be more complicated than the original operation. Dr. Goldberg will develop a customized treatment plan using the appropriate surgical method for the condition, adapting the technique as necessary to obtain the best possible effect.

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