When My Patients Ask About the Cost of Plastic Surgery

Cost is often a driving factor when patients make decisions regarding plastic surgical procedures.

What patients must appreciate is how surgeon-dependent even the most routine procedures are. A facelift by one surgeon may be a completely different operation with completely different results when performed by another surgeon. Even procedures as simple as injecting Botox® are highly dependent on the injector.

Patients must be entirely comfortable and confident in their surgeon even before they consider the cost of services. That said, cost is a limiting factor ultimately and must be openly disclosed prior to any procedure. There also has to be open disclosure about the costs of any possible follow up procedures or care.

Often patients will want to know the price over the phone before scheduling a consultation. My office can only offer a range of costs for a procedure because the details, time requirements and risks may vary widely based on the individual patient. A formal quote can only be generated after a full evaluation.