Ear Surgery

If you struggle with ears that protrude or are out of proportion with your face, Dr. Neal Goldberg is proud to offer otoplasty, an ear pinning procedure. Ear Pinning surgery can help:

  • Reshape prominent ears
  • Pin back protruding ears

Is An Otoplasty Right For Me?

Individuals of all ages may struggle with ears they feel are out of proportion for their face, or have ears they feel protrude too far from their face. In these cases, an otoplasty, pinnaplasty, or ear pinning surgery is the only way to correct the issue. When performed, the ears can be reshaped to a size that puts them in proportion with the patient’s facial features. Otoplasty is not only for adults and can be performed on children with fully developed ears (usually by age four). Not only can the procedure increase your self-confidence, but it may also prevent or end teasing associated with overly large ears.

Our experienced plastic surgeon can also correct ear conditions such as lop ear, cupped ear, shell ear, large or stretched earlobes, large creases or wrinkles in earlobes. Reconstructive surgery may also be used to create new ears for individuals who were born without them or lost them through injury.

What Can I Expect From The Procedure?

This facial plastic surgery procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and can take between 2-3 hours to perform. When adults undergo Ototplasty, local anesthesia is often used, but for children, general anesthesia is used so the child will be asleep. First, Dr. Goldberg will make an incision at the back of the ear. Through the incision, the surgeon will sculpt, fold or remove cartilage. He will then fold the ears back so they appear closer to the head and more proportional. Sutures will be placed to close the incisions and maintain the new shape of the ears

“There’s a wide range in what plastic surgery can achieve – dramatic or subtle outcomes. Sometimes a little goes a long way.”
- Dr. Goldberg

What Will My Life Be Like After Otoplasty?

Following otoplasty procedure, children may return to school after one week and adults may return to work after five days. Immediately following surgery, the head will be wrapped in a bandage to promote healing and maintain the new form of the ears. After one week, any stitches used may be removed. After a few days, the original head wrapping may be replaced by a light dressing.

As with other surgeries, the patient should be aware of some possible side effects, including a blood clot in the ear, which can dissolve or be extracted, an infection in the cartilage or the formation of scar tissue.

Dr. Goldberg treats patients from Scarsdale, Yonkers and beyond. For more information about ear pinning surgery, call our office for a consultation at 866-481-5585.