Can I Get More Cleavage?

When the breasts begin to flatten and lose their youthful shape, many women experience dissatisfaction — not only with the size of their bust, but also with the visibility of their cleavage. Losing volume in the chest from pregnancy or aging tends to negatively affect cleavage, even while wearing the most supportive bras. Since saline and silicone implants are capable of enhancing the breast contours and restoring a rounder, more youthful shape, many women wonder whether breast augmentation can also improve their cleavage. In general, this varies on a case by case basis. 

Over time, the distance between your breasts tends to grow larger simultaneous to potential sagging of the breast tissue. Together, these forces can adversely affect your cleavage and generally produce a more aged appearance in the chest. While breast implants can undoubtedly rejuvenate the breast shape, the ability to restore cleavage typically depends on:

Viewing our before-and-after photos from previous breast augmentation patients can give you a good idea of how implants can improve cleavage and your breasts as a whole. It’s essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon about your goals to confirm whether your concerns can be addressed with breast augmentation, or another procedure. 

Dr. Neal Goldberg has unmatched experience performing breast procedures and can recommend an effective treatment plan to help you obtain the cleavage you desire. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Westchester and NYC-area practice for more information.