Do Larger Breasts Cause More Sagging?

ModelBreast ptosis, which is characterized by a drooping or deflated look in the breasts, is an inescapable part of aging for many women, regardless of whether their bust size is considered large or small. However, it’s true that certain factors may exacerbate the extent to which breast sag is experienced. Large breasts may indeed lead to higher grades of ptosis, simply because additional mass in the chest can be more vulnerable to the forces of gravity. This gravitational pull is often part of why larger breasts have a tendency to become pendulous. 

Ultimately, breast sag is mainly caused by a loss of skin elasticity from the natural aging process. While a changing breast appearance can be both disconcerting and upsetting, modern breast surgery techniques have made it possible to correct descended skin and breast tissue and restore a “perkier,” more youthful breast shape. If you have a large breast size, there are many options from our Westchester plastic surgeon that can completely rejuvenate your breasts:

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