How to Get Rid of a Sagging Neck

A sagging or wrinkled look in the neck is typically considered a telltale indication of aging and—as such—is an aesthetic concern widely shared by both men and women. Thanks to reduced collagen and elastin production by the body as one gets older, it’s not uncommon for the neck to lose tone and elasticity—especially among individuals who don’t use sun protection or who have undergone considerable weight loss. Effective treatments for a sagging neck include neck lift which is often the most powerful solution for achieving long-term results.

A neck lift can provide a sharper transition between the jawline and the neck by treating loose skin and musculature, which commonly develop as a part of natural aging. This outpatient procedure is usually performed through a hidden incision either around the ears or under the chin, and can successfully resolve:

By contouring this region, a sagging aesthetic can be reduced for a more defined jawline and an improved overall facial profile. The results can even be complemented with a facelift or KYBELLA® injections, which are designed to address jowls and a “double chin,” respectively. Some facial exercises have claimed to reduce a “turkey neck,” but there are no medical studies to provide evidence of their credibility and working out is generally ineffective in addressing excess, sagging skin.

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