Why Do Breasts Sag?

A common concern for many women is the possibility of losing a firm, youthful breast shape as they grow older. Many factors can cause the natural descent of breast tissue, and the age at which a patient may start to experience breast droop (ptosis) varies. Individuals with large and/or heavy breasts often have a natural predisposition to breast sag due to the effects of gravity and may exhibit signs of ptosis earlier than other women. In most cases, decreased skin elasticity (the ability of the skin to remain tight or “snap” back) as one ages is the primary cause of sagging breasts.

This inelasticity can result from decreased collagen and estrogen production, as well as repetitive weight loss and gain. Smoking, which usually accelerates aging, also commonly contributes to higher levels of skin laxity. Furthermore, fluctuating hormone levels from pregnancy have been known to increase ptosis, especially if hormonal changes are exacerbated by pre- and post-baby weight gain.

While eliminating the possibility of breast sag is impossible, a few tips may help slow down the aging process and postpone the development of drooping breasts:

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