Breast Lift


Do Larger Breasts Cause More Sagging?

Breast ptosis, which is characterized by a drooping or deflated look in the breasts, is an inescapable part of aging for many women, regardless of whether their bust size is considered large or small. However, it’s true that certain factors…

How Do Breasts Change With Age?

It’s well-known that women experience a variety of physical transformations as they undergo different life stages. Breast-related changes, in particular, are often caused by fluctuating hormone levels during adulthood, as well as burgeoning menopause. As natural production of estrogen in…

Why Do Breasts Sag?

A common concern for many women is the possibility of losing a firm, youthful breast shape as they grow older. Many factors can cause the natural descent of breast tissue, and the age at which a patient may start to…